Drivers Handheld Computers

Our handheld computers are one of the most advanced communications systems available that allow Infinity to quickly communicate with our drivers for an up to the minute status of your shipment.

The handheld computers work by transmitting data over a wireless network, from the dispatcher’s computer to the driver’s handheld computer, allowing real time transactions on all orders.

Automated Overnight Dispatch (pick up)

Orders are placed either by phone or internet. Each order is automatically transferred to the dispatch screen and assigned by the computer to the driver designated by postal codes. The driver accepts the order via handheld wireless computer, once the order is picked up the driver updates the order using his handheld unit. Once the order is updated by the driver as picked up the computer will automatically assign it to the delivery driver and sit in queue until the next day. Our dispatch team monitors the computer screen all day ensuring all deliveries are done to each client’s satisfaction.

Automated Overnight Dispatch (deliveries)

Drivers arrive at the Infinity Central warehouse. The computer dispatches all orders held in the queue picked up the previous day and releases them to the delivery driver’s hand held unit each morning. Each driver checks his hand held unit to the parcels in his cage, once verified the driver begins his deliveries. Once delivered the driver enters the consignee’s signature into the hand held unit. The signature is real time at Infinity and on the web.

Each order moves to the completed screen as the delivery is done, allowing the dispatch team to monitor that each delivery is being done to the clients’s satisfaction.

Nightly Sort of Overnight Deliveries

Every overnight delivery comes into the Infinity Central Warehouse nightly. In the warehouse each package is scanned in or manually entered to say the package is picked up and is being sorted. The packages are then distributed into a cage for delivery the next morning. Other packages are then taken by linehaul to meet planes and transport trucks to be delivered throughout the world.

Messenger Deliveries (Direct, Rush or Sameday)

Orders are placed either by phone or internet. The dispatch team receives the order on the computer screen and then dispatches the order to the driver’s wireless handheld computer. The driver will accept the order and updates the hand held unit upon pick up. Upon delivery the driver enters the consignee’s signature. This signature is received in real time at Infinity as well as on the web.

Failover System
Infinity has 3 servers on site. Each one provides different functions in case of failure. We also have three off site servers that are mirrored to the main servers in case of any power outages. The systems will switch seamlessly without down time.

Loss of Power
Infinity has an emergency generator in place in case of any prolonged period of power outages that the Smart UPS system cannot handle.

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